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Overlord Game Studio is an independent game studio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We have a strong passion for game development and we wanna see our work become a reality. That's what drives us!


Founded in 2012, Overlord Game Studio started developing games and mobile apps for business and advising in the games and gamification area. After a deep redesign of the company in 2014, the main focus was changed to indie games development (we were finally start doing what we really love!).


Recently we’ve gone through a crowdfunding campaign for our first title called “Tiny Little Bastards” which is now in a pre-alpha stage. Overlord Game Studio is now 100% indie and dedicated to the development of “TLB”. We've embraced the indie spirit with all our hearts

Tiny Little Bastards

Tiny Little Bastards is a Platformer Action-RPG that tells the story of three siblings,  Ivarr, Helga and Ubba, viking tavern owners who had their tavern sacked by a horde of annoying little creatures, the Goblins! Now, they have to take up arms to recover their stolen goods and to save the world from a severe beer drought!


In Tiny Little Bastards, players will be able to control character stats, talents and abilities in single player or co-op mode (local and on-line). Each choice you make has the power to change the progression of the main storyline and the semi-random dungeons offer a great deal of replayability!


Currently, Tiny Little Bastards will be available in the third quarter of 2016 for PC (Windows, Mac & Linux), Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

João Requião

The Overlord

Founder & Programmer

Yan Magalhães

Master Builder & King's Cartographer

Co-Founder & Level Designer

Marcelo Ribeiro

Royal Navigator

2D Artist & Animator

André Colares

Court Bard

Composer & Sound Designer

Davi Lisboa

The Mercenary

Co- Founder & Lead Designer


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