Tiny Little Bastards is being developed for:

Be prepared to witness a tragic love story between a Viking and his Beer…

Meet weird new Friends

You will meet strange creatures on your quest for beer. Some of them will be key characters to your success and some of them may be just annoying. Anyway, it’s always good to stay a while and… well, listen!

Fight huge beasts, fat bosses and funny Masters of Evil

Bosses in Tiny Little Bastards are something to remember. Carefully crafted battles will make you think and use your best strategies. You’ll find that Goblins can be annoying as hell… but they’re also funny fellas!

Unleash your “pissed-off-ness”

When Ivarr enters his “pissed off” state, he can unleash special strikes and  unlock some really cool behaviors! Just punch everything until you explode in red raw Fury!

… and punch annoying Goblins to death in a beautiful handmade 2D style!

Varied set of Skills

Along the way you’ll find incredible items with the capacity to unlock awesome skills and tricks. The variety of skill and ways to use them is one of the building blocks of Metroidvania games like Tiny Little Bastards.

Tricks, Tweaks or Talents…

You may call them whatever you want… Tricks are an essential piece of character evolution. Every skill can be tweaked and twisted to have different effects. Find the precious Bottle Caps and make your own Trick build and only Odin will know how far you can go! (Actually we’ll know it as well but we need some epicness in our speeches)

Beautifully crafted handmade 2D world and characters

All the art in Tiny Little Bastards is handmade and animations drawn frame by frame by our awesome artists. Discover different areas beneath the Olby Village and explore the old world and the heart of pumpkin ale brewing in Bjorfold. There are at least six unique environments with unique dungeons and challenges. Are you prepared?

Tiny Little Bastard is being developed by Overlord Game Studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are a team of 5 people developing the game, managing our social networks, posting updates, answering all questions, editing trailers and GIFs, cleaning the studio, making coffee, eating cookies and pizza and being glad that we can do it all every day!

Bellow you can see our faces and know who we are.

Joao Requiao

The “Shinto Giro” Overlord. Founder of Overlord Game Studio, Lead and only programmer and project manager. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Yan “Nhã” Magalhães

The one and only “Nhã”. Founder of Overlord Game Studio and Lead Level Designer. This is the guy you curse if you die too much in the game. He loves Pizza.

Arre Colares

Winner of Icaraí Towers Mini-Golf Championship. Arre is the studio’s Composer and Sound Designer. He’s also a game designer and complains about every aspect of the game until it’s nearly perfect. (in-house QA)

Luan Luminato

Luan “Andromeda” Luminato is the 2D artist responsible for environment and scenery art. He makes Tiny Little Bastards beautiful! Oh, and his coffee is the best.

Pedro Coimbra

He is our 2D animator and he gives life to our weird characters (and also creates some weirder ones). He’s handsome and has some ultra level seduction skills.