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About Tiny Little Bastards

Tiny Little Bastards is a 2D Metroidvania that tells a tragic love story between a Viking and his Beer. 

After having his tavern sacked by a horde of annoying little goblins, Ivarr has to take up arms to recover his beloved Pumpkin Brew.


Explore a vast 2D non-linear open world and engage in dynamic combat against annoying weird creatures!


Meet weird new friends and find your way through the depths of Björhol, beneath Olby Village.

Punch annoying goblins to death in a beautiful 2D hand-drawn style!

Punch Goblin.png

- Dynamic Combat: Choose from an arsenal of skills on a moment-to-moment basis to defeat annoying creatures in fast-paced yet strategical combat.

- Free Exploration: Create your own path in a non-linear open world. Find secret rooms, shortcuts, hidden treasures and much more. ​

- Weird creatures and Unique Bosses: Venture into the depths of the old Björfold and meet weird and annoying goblins, fat butchers and the great masters of “evil”.

- Pissed-off-ness: Punch Goblins repeatedly to enter your pissed off state and unleash your mighty Viking power!


- Beautiful hand drawn art: Cartoonish hand drawn art and frame by frame traditional animations!

Pissed-Off-ness burst.png

- A world filled with humor and quirky twists: Embark on a crazy adventure in an ancient mysterious land and find out that things are never as simple as they seem!

-  Brewing: Brew your own potions and drinks to heal your HP, boost a skill or get a timed buff.

Watch the Trailer!

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